Program One…Psychologically Phit!

Anxiety.  Worrying.  Fear.  Doubt.  In a time where mental health is running rampant in our society, no time is better than now to stop and take a look at our own inner soul.  Sure, most of us reading this article do not suffer from mental “illness”, but honestly, don’t we all have some mental habits that could really stand to being addressed…allowing us to live our lives more freely…and happily?

There are basically three categories that my training clients fall into…those that are truly happy and healthy with how they look.  They lead a well balanced life of family, work, health and relaxation.  The people in this category are few and far in between.  In fact, they rarely sign up for training sessions more than once…they know the routine and they are in charge of their own lives.  I give them the tools and tips on how to get there and then give them free reign. 

Most of the other people I work with struggle just like me.  They fall into the two other categories.  Category Two…Competitors.  Aren’t we obsessive, driven individuals?  LOL!  Most of us tend to put the gym and dieting before EVERYTHING else in our lives…including the most important things…friends and family.  But hey, we feel good!  We are working towards our GOALS and living our DREAMS.  We are the picture of happiness and satisfaction, right?  WRONG!

Then there’s the other group, the third group, and this is where most of my clients fall into…they are unhappy with the way they look but are working on it.  It’s so much nicer when you have someone to help you keep motivated cause you’re having a hard time holding up the ship by yourself.  They struggle with the dieting…Hell!  Food tastes GOOD!  I’ll start my diet again tomorrow…or if not that…Monday!  I’m having fun at this moment despite how I’m going to feel about myself later…

In the field of fitness…there is SO much focus on the dieting and training aspect…with little attention given to the mental attitude that needs to be addressed first in order to achieve any sort of success in the arena, or in life in general.  Let me give you five important key tips to get you started and on your way to not only changing your health and fitness, but to changing everything in your life for the better…

  1. Read.  Read books about achieving success and having a positive attitude.  My two favorite include “Dare to Win” by Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, and “The Power of  Your Subconscious Mind” by Joseph Murphy.
  2. Dream.  Create a dream book by gathering and collecting pictures of those things that you would most like to have in your life.  Organize them in the Dream Book you create for yourself and review several times daily.
  3. Visualize.  Visualize positive outcomes for all those things and questions you have going on in your life.  How would you like them to be?  Imagine the outcome exactly as you would like it!  Perform several times a day!
  4. Relax.  Relax and go slower.  By moving through our lives in a fast pace, we are creating chaos and a sense of lack of control in our lives.  Take it slow…and enjoy!
  5. Love One Another.  Appreciate and value your friends and family daily.  Be conscious of how you are treating them with each moment.  Do something nice for someone each day…even someone you do not know.


I know, I know.  These five tips are hardly fitness related.  We are definitely taking it all back to square one.  But you would be amazed by how going back to the basics, and retraining our minds to lead more harmonious and positive lifestyles, the fitness and health that we so desire will be so much easier to achieve.  By having a great foundation to build on, it makes it that much easier to accomplish your goals and dreams!