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Born a dancer, Natalie Lynn Lichtenbert started her active career in ballet, tap, jazz, modern and hip hop dance styles. Also being very active in sports, she participated in cheer, swimming and soccer. She currently keeps up her health and mental attitude while being a nationally recognized model, continuing her fitness career, keeping up with her dance skills and following her environmental endeavors.
She's been featured in several fitness magazines including Oxygen and Fitness and Physique while being on the cover of Gearhead News and fiction novels. Natalie Lynn has also done various promotional web work, print work, tradeshows, advertising campaigns and hosted for Live Nation TV.
Natalie Lynn Lichtenbert has been in the fitness industry for well over ten years, competing at both the local and national levels. She continues to compete, write and inspire other people to lead a positive lifestyle while also preserving our planet. Being a certified NASM personal trainer, she is able to advise clients also on the private level.
Natalie Lynn Lichtenbert holds a Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology with extended studies in Molecular Pathology. She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois.


ABC 7 Chicago, Denim Fashion Segment, August 2010
Shark Tank, ABC Television, February 2010
Music Video for The Audition, "My Temperature Rising", 03/09
Speed TV, Livenation's Monster Jam Crash Course, 01/2007
Stella Starlight Production 12/05 - Role / Asst.Stage Director

Real Show Guest Host, 12/06-01/07

Natural Muscle Magazine, April 2011
World Physique Magazine, Spring 2010
Fashion Chicago Magazine, February 2010
Gearhead News, Oct/Nov 2007, www.gearheadnews.com
Book Cover "Exposed" by Alison Tyler 5/06
Page 3 Girl Afrikaans Daily News/Div. of London Daily Sun 12/05
Book Cover "Sexual Mischief" by Lizbeth Dusseau 6/05
Book Cover "Firm of Pleasure" by Raven Wildwood 6/05
Fitness and Physique Spring 2005
Unforgettable Women Calendar 2005
Ms. Fitness Magazine Winter 2004
Oxygen Magazine 9/02

Pride Nutrition, 2005-current
MK Magazine Vixxxen 2006

Biopharm Nutrition, 06/09-current
Diva Bikinis, 11/06
GoalSetter Photo Advertising 3/06

FAP Midwest, Bikini Competitor, 10/08
FUP Bikini America Competitor, Miami, FL, 06/08
FUP Bikini America Competitor, Los Angeles, Ca, 11/07
FUP Model America Competitor, Hollywood, Ca, 11/06
Ms. Fitness Nationals, Las Vegas, NV, 09/04
StreetMoves Dancer 2005

"Fashion's Night Out", Northbrook Court Mall, 09/09
VOP Fashion and Rock Show, 05/08
FAME Club Industry Fitness Fashion Show 11/05

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